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Introducing myself

This ,being my first post for this personal blog, I would take my time to discuss things about myself. So, if you want to skip ahead to other interesting posts on the blog, You may definitely do so!!

So, you decided to read on.. here goes some basic info about me and my life:

My name is Pradyumna Chatterjee. By occupation, I am an engineering student(computer science).I live in Kolkata.

Speaking of my interests, I have a never ending list of interests .. Coding being on of them. I generally code / hack (by its dictionary sense) in python (my favourite) apart from c, cpp, some amount of java.. I am into web development(still figuring my there). I am currently learning django web framework and the intricacies of google app engine. simultaneously, I am a great fan of the google android OS. I am into mobile development too (not in its true sense but yes, i use to hack scripts for my N72, and currently , I am learning android). I generally use Linux(ubuntu/fedora) as my dev environment or otherwise.. ( so that makes me a geek to some of you??). Hold on, more to come. Apart from programming, my favourite pastime is making music with some amount of guitar jamming and amateur sound editing skills( everyone starts an amateur, don’t they?? ). I also like photography though I am still limited in my equipment setup ( a 2mp cell phone from Nokia as i mentioned before ). If you ask me to describe myself in one line , I would call myself  “student and OSS(free software) enthusiast”. Apart from these,  psychology and philosophy are topics that I keep reading and thinking ( mind you I could be unbearably philosophical at times!! ).

Now about this blog,

I have started writing this blog mainly with the aim to express things within/around me… Its got this cool web2.0 touch design like “what are you thinking/doing” taglines you  are all so familiar with in Facebook / twitter / foursquare networks. Anything I am going to write in this blog will represent my personal opinions and thoughts about things around me. I don’t represent anyone in any sense when I write in this blog. ahh, that thing is getting into me too much!!!

You can regard this as more of a personal weblog with the main to share ideas. yes, you got this right. This is a Blog about Sharing Ideas.

moving on,

still with me!!! err time to close the post. I hope you wont kill me for keeping you with this but I promise, the Actual posts wont be that boring. and as you can expect from such a Blog: YOUR comments are always more than welcome and rather the only reason I write this blog for. Feel free to discuss things freely here


And next time, I will try to keep the length short, I promise. ok, ok.  I am surely signing off this time 🙂


One thought on “Introducing myself

  1. one of the best intro i have seen in wordpress blogs
    it must have taken quite a few write ups to perfect it
    keep up the good work mate,
    i’ve got your page bookmarked

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