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Poetry unleashed

This is my first attempt at poem writing. so, bear with me.. I will leave this untitled for now. Be sure to suggest if you have one in mind:

Come to me, embrace me, cause I am your future

The spirit , the flame that sees you through,

Join my hands to reach the stars,

leave me and I come haunting you.


Destiny , is calling you

From the abyss of the oceans to the heights (of the clouds),

Love me or fight me ,

The choice is yours – a choice you make,  not deny.


Feel the swing, feel the waves

Feel the shockwaves come again

And then some more; whatever it be,

I want you to know, Ill be there,whenever you need me.


Have faith in me, believe in me

Cause I know what your bests of interests are

Live your life and let go

You messed up trying to control it this far.


Ores of sand, Ores of Mud,

Ores and Iron ores,

Have promised a glimpse of the Bridge

What their future beholds.


Destiny is calling you

From the abyss of the ocean to the star

You can run but not hide

Hold my hand and live your future.


What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Poetry unleashed

    • That’s a great title. actually. I thought of something similiar: “Choose your fate, ride your destiny” while writing it..

    • Yeah. thats for sure. But, We some times forget to make choices in midst of our busy life. We run after things we never wanted and settle for things we never cared for. We just forget how to live our life.

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