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Rise a Knight

This poetry writing is becoming one of my favourite passtimes. And today, something odd happened: The first thing I thought after getting up in the morning was that “one more poetry is going to come out today”..  No ideas nor topic.  Just a simple thought. And incredibly enough, Hours later in the evening, this idea popped inside my head. Do have a read and let me know your thoughts on this 🙂

Here is the poem for you. Its called Rise a Knight.

Draw your sword and hold your breath,
Theres a long fight up ahead
Let the fear flood in and drench your blood red
You need it till the last drops in the fight up ahead.

I dont need the love of the king
nor the crowns and thrills of regality.
I am just an ordinary man,
a man of bravery and vitality.

I am the knight of the peasants,
I stand by the victim, the weak, the oppressed,
My blade slays the enemy of the common
Never wins war, nor cast hatred.

And still there are some of my brethen
Who kill with god on their side
So engrossed with mass murder and slaughter,
That they fail to notice,
God was never on their side.

A knight becomes a knight
Not with sheets and curves of steel,
A knight gains his title
With a heart of steel
And an idea worth dying for.

“Never lie, even if it leads to your death;
be loyal of hands and mouth
And serve every man as best as you may”.
This is your oath o’ knight
Now, Rise a Knight , a Knight of life

(image courtesy – tu5 [link] )


6 thoughts on “Rise a Knight

  1. “Good 1”
    Kisher Fight?
    Kisher Knight?
    Slaying CTS and Infy in a jiffy
    The man moves on….when the companies are gone

    (N.B:Technical fault: Ota “brethen” noy “Brethren” hobe)

    • Thank you for pointing out the typo!! updated. anyway, One must agree that there is a life beyond CTS and INFY 🙂

  2. this sounds good man.. there is definitly a writer in you.. and probably a very good one*.. im just begining here.. would like your feedback sometime!..

    god bless you and your famillia,

    Humberto Galeano

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