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The fallen angel

The Fallen Angel in fields

The Fallen Angel

Memories fade in as we speak,
the memoris of an angel in brown robes.
oh! how she flew past me
her movements, scarce as dementor, face as grim as a reaper.

She is Micelle, the fallen star,
the angel who fell off heavn for her vice,
Her redemption lies in her rescue
by the greatest of all mankind.

Her search began where others end up,
she searched all heavens and seas.
She searched and searched every inch of soil
until she felt herself, lost into it.

Now, she waits long hours
for any man Who pass her by
She tests them with a riddle she tells
to every soul at her who smile.

"""How do you know you are in love?
what if ITS just a peek of light?
How do you know you keep your word
when the calling hour arrives.

What do you think will become of us
when the storm hits the oars?
How do you know you still look up
when there is light no more?

Find me a word in all the above,
only then will I marry you..
Else I wait foever more
My michael, I await you"""

– Pradyumna Chatterjee ( @pradyumnacster )

(image courtesy – link )


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