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Poetry – “A God in Doubt” by Pradyumnacster

A God in Doubt


Am I the only one
or are some of my brethren
They call me out with ‘Allah’, ‘messiah’, ‘God’
and with countless other names
I know of none other
who has lived as long as I have
right from the beginning of the universe
So long that I even cant remember the mother
who gave me birth!
Nor can anybody else!
Does that mean there is no ‘me’
No spirits to turns wrongs to rights
Why do I look so helpless
When I annihilate ‘myselves’ overnight.
Am I the supreme power
who define all destiny and fate;
But All I do is create opportunities
rather than making choices instead!!
Everytime I look in the mirror,
I see a different me.
Sometimes a war criminal’s, Some times a heart throb’s face
some other time a Buzzing bee.
Who am I really?
People try to confine me in temples,mosques and churches
these symbols they find me in
Yet, I dwell in every heart
every grain of sand there is.
Where do I live, really??
I stand dumbstruck everytime
Men put their faith in me,
Despite the fact that I am not seen
Nor any proof that I ever have been.
Nor have I seen myself
God knows what truth I behold.
I want to believe that I exist
I want to stand up for good.
The only thing that I tell myself
when this dilemma overcomes me.
Not just the age old saying: “I think therefore I am”,
Therefore I am.

– @pradyumnacster


10 thoughts on “Poetry – “A God in Doubt” by Pradyumnacster

  1. I wrote this poetry about a month ago. It presents a rather controversial theme : A god being in dilemma; a God questioning his own existence. I am going to tell you my own thoughts about the poem, ie what I thought when I wrote it. However, You can put in any interpretation you like. maybe, share one or two with me.

    A recurring theme in modern philosophy is the question – “How will you prove that you exist?” Could it be possible that you are just in a dream, a dream so vivid , so realistic that it feels life-like? May be you would wake up one day and discover that all these while you have been dreaming and find yourself to be in a different world with a completely different set of rules.. maybe , you are a dragonfly in that world who can dream!!!
    The whole idea sounds crazy right? Just give it a thought.

    As a child, I always used to dream that we all are in a biiiggg ship whose end we have not met (mind you, I was no Copernicus , that time).

    So, Some philosophers( most probably, Descartes, who seemed to have no better work) came around with a proof of one’s existence. It’s called “cogito ergo sum”(latin) or I Think therefore I am. So, if someone is questioning their own existence, its proof enough that somebody / somewhere are thinking these thoughts. Since you are thinking, you must exist somewhere or the other . Head over to

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cogito_ergo_sum for more on this

    However, I think in a different way. I admit I am no philosopher but I do have my way of thinking. I say “I exist because I believe that I exist”. To me, nothing is more real in this world than faith , trust and love. Everything else seems dreamy and trasitionary.
    On the other side, the very existence of God is based on our foundation of faith. Your faith in god makes him real. The basis of every religion is based on faith be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism(the religion, not the cult).

    So, the whole poetry personifies THE god, A god in dilemma. Through this poem, I have also tried to express my views about religion, a modern religion where god needs to take no definite form and for which I have no term to coin!! As from what I understand, its somewhat based on the true hinduism sans all the creepers around it. Aghhh. Dont click that back button yet!!I will save my commentary on ancient hinduism for another post in future now.

    For now, enjoy my poem and do drop in your thoughts below both on my views and the poem in general. Its been a loong day for you now.. so long 🙂

    • I like the poem, though I am more a prose person. I like it coz it leaves a lot for me to conjure, is not staring me in the eye…leaves me to close mine & know ..

      • Thank you. Religion, spirituality or whatever you call it is something very personal. So any two person are bound to have their own way of looking at it, I suppose

    • If Man is made in the Image of God
      it is only obvious where his confusion and clueless-ness came from 😛

      on a serious note
      Your God takes himself too seriously (sorry couldn’t resist)

      okay on a more serious note (i’m serious, seriously!)
      Even God isn’t bigger than an Identity crisis (seems like middle age has gotten to him)

      Okay i am serious now
      Ah what the hell i can never be serious

      • Ha ha ha!!!

        Well, if God could inherit humanistic forms, dwell on sheltered temples, gorge on sweets like a teenager, be paid to do good,,,, why do you think God can’t acquire some other human traits?

  2. Very Nice Writing! The All-Powerful ‘imbibing’ human characteristics and expressing it too :). Only proves the ‘Empathy’ on the part of the Lord! … From a human POV, it is the age-old ‘Search for the Truth’ Theme… Search for the ‘True Essence of the Being’… I remember the picturisation of the song – ‘Maula Maula’ from ‘Delhi 6’, we all see our images in the mirror, the Lord resides in all of us…

    And yes, also enjoyed the writings/ comments ( different ‘thoughts’ about it) in all the comments above!! 🙂

  3. What fun –
    Where am I? Who am I?
    How came I here?
    What is this thing called the world?
    What does this world mean?
    How did I come into this world?
    Why was I not consulted?

    Soren Kirkegaard wrote that, and I think most people – and maybe he also – thought it was about humans…but, who’s to say it’s not the mystified reaction to a god put in charge of something he/she/it wanted nothing to do with in the first place?


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