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An open question on happiness in modern society

Sounds like an essay for your K12, right? This is just my thoughts on something I wanted people to give thoughts on. Read on..

Every day, we come across people who are unhappy. As far as I have noticed, their numbers increase more and more as time go by. This made me think about why people in our age are so unhappy. Is it because we are not contented with what we have, is it that our lives have picked up much more pace and we don’t have time for ourselves.? Or could there be any other reason? That’s why all these feel good aka self-help books (socially deemed crap but still making fortunes at kindle store) and blogs  are so pop.

What have we let go that was the cause of happiness for our previous generation.. To get to this point, let’s dissect what happiness actually is? Happiness seems to be a state of being in our living devoid of sadness. (or to some, it’s an activity and not a state . Without delving into those controversies, let me tell you what I think about happiness.

Happiness can be put into three planes of satisfaction/fulfillment:

  • Physical: No diseases, and some other pleasurable activities we indulge into J (food for your body)
  • Emotional: the state of being loved or loving back someone. (MS word think I should change this to “LOVING BACKS)”, I mean whats wrong with the society these days. Even, softwares are horny!!!). Being with people who love you and the other way round  (food for your mind)
  • Spiritual: the inexplicable state of well-being that (to be banal!!) pleases our soul. (state of our soul)

This categorization can be found in many texts. Vedic Astrology is based on three aspects of a man’ being: su, kam and mon.  And more so, the happiness in any of the three planes is to be met individually. This is to say that if you have excess on one plane that would overflow into the other container. Think of these as three pans of milk sitting in three adjacent ovens. If you boil the milk in one pan too much, it won’t overflow into the next pan. Get the point? So, NO! Having more sex won’t help you emotional or spiritual well being in any way 😉

This brings me to my point of   the article. I am sure that you will agree that in modern society, we have an abundance of physical happiness. More medicine, more food, more activities to indulge in. (Don’t blame the society for your obesity now, for that you are in the driver seat K). Emotional happiness is somewhat compromised. People seem busy to live their own lives where they could have lived together with their near-dear ones. But what I find most alarming in people of our ages is that they have completely abandoned spirituality. They don’t think spiritually (You would hear “You are Deep, Man!!” quite often if you do). Religion is but a formality now, just a field to fill in forms. And no! Your occasional “visit” to the temple or Masjid or Sunday sermon doesn’t count.  And neither does making gestures on your body while passing by a religious place count. Some think their tattoos of Virgin Mary or Jesus prove anything spiritual!!

The point is my generation (and some gens before me too) literally don’t have time for spirituality. Neither for religion which is again but a form of spirituality or mere mortals. You see now why meditation has gained so popularity in today’s world. Connecting with oneself is the new buzz world in these circles.(My response the first time around : Connecting to what!! Does it support SSH Tunneling? No way)

It’s still an open question. These are just my views on the matter based on my limited understanding of the context. I am not a sociologist but a geek with thoughts. Do you think my text t be too whining?. But, I’ll try my hands with suggestions too.  A possible suggestion for readers who have made this far into the article: read religious scriptures… you will find wisdom hidden in them which pass all the rounds of your modern reasoning. Believe me, I speak from experience. Yearn for spiritual fulfillment. This is not to say that you give up your cravings for a land rover  or Christina Hendricks’ boobies (you know for sure now that I am a geek – OMG! Not a Lamborghini but a .. Land rover??). But, strike a balance. Remember the point on spilling milk (no pun intended,  please!!). Balance your yearnings and your time to all three planes and you’ll be much closer to happiness.

NB: I would like to thank Leo for this wonderful post on rising early and doing something different from your routine. That’s what provoked me to write a post. Please have a read if you need to.


2 thoughts on “An open question on happiness in modern society

  1. I’m curious as to why you think that your generation has “literally no time” for spirituality? Your generation has more time per individual than any generation that came before it, and, to point out that I’m not patronizing, my generation was the same, and so was my parents’ generation(s). It’s really how you choose to use your time, and I can’t think of anyone that I know, or have ever known, who had to put *all* of their time into obtaining food, shelter, and security.

    • I am not saying that ‘our generation’ live a fast paced life and so because of lack of time, the spiritual side of life is neglected. It is by their choice that they put their energy in other pursuits. All I want to say is one aspect of living cannot be compensated by other achievements in life!!

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