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Free minds

This blog is focused on innovation, thoughts,free sharing of ideas. Thats what “with mind let loose” stands for. No restrictions on thinking and speech. However, all posts here will focus on just the idea, rather than its explanation.So, all posts will be small rather microposts as in twitter. Ideas will be open to interpretation and the only way such a blog could be successful is your active involvement in discussions. Feel free to  criticize, burn down or even dismiss my ideas.

Also, since this is a blog on freedom, any one can use any ideas presented here for whatsoever purpose they want to use( commercial / non-commercial) even without caring about attribution( but again, who doesn’t like a linkback 🙂 ) without any restriction. However, I dont accept any responsibility for any consequence of using my ideas in any form. use them at your own risk (ahh,I must sign off before I start sounding like sports bike advertisements).

On this page, I have covered what this blog stands for leaving out my personal details. In case you want to drop by and say hello: here is the link to my personal blog. Happy sharing!!


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