A scene from the Blue Sabbath

And so the albatross asks the blowing wind:
“O Mighty Wind! If I promise to run away with you, what will you give me?”
And the answer came by:
“Not happiness, my dear. But Life, here and beyond!”


We are like silk cocoons tangled in a cob web.  However,  instead of metamorphing to butterflies and flying off,  we come out as better spiders..  Who can spin even more cobwebs in our lifetimes for our fellow cocoon brothers and sisters

Yahoo acquires Astrid.com :(

Astrid is an online task management tool with presence across platforms ( Web app, Android, iOs). It provides a simple and no frills approach to task tracking, one that I have come to love over the years.

Its sad when nifty tools like Astrid Task / To-do List are acquired by bigger companies like Yahoo.They keep the service running for a few years and then kill it when they will find no proper monetizing solutions out of it. Same happened for Flickr a few years back.. Look at Flickr now.. abandoned and waiting to die 😦

I dont even think Yahoo can run a half decent  user facing product anymore now that it has become rigid ( and large). I certainly hope Astrid is run by the same core team as before with minimal or no interventions from the corporate honcho itself. Wishing good days ahead for Astrid.