Corporate Writ – Chat

Manager: Hi

Guy: Hi

M: Why isn’t the code checked in yet? You do know we have to deliver tomorrow right?

Guy: I am busy

M: What task are you working on right now?

Guy: I am dying

M: Ok. Could you please forward me your death certificate once you are done?

M: We have to get this code checked in by EOD


Indian Banks has let us down :(

During this “Great Indian Bank Data Breach”, quick corrective actions were expected from banks. However, all they did is kept it a secret for 6 weeks and blamed each other. If you think , the bank employees should have got their act together for such a Security Breach and taken action:
* Please write to RBI voicing your concern and
* Share the message with your friends and relative.
An insightful article Please read: 

An Indian Shoe Brand

Just thinking out loud:

A Fully Indian Shoe brand that never compromises on quality would be really cool. (in times of #Shitty Woodlands and #OutragiouslyPriced Nikes and a #BleedyourMoneyOut pair of  Asics running shoes.

Is it that hard to make a quality one? Technically speak? What do you think?

Context: An After Thought of #BanChinese posts


We are like silk cocoons tangled in a cob web.  However,  instead of metamorphing to butterflies and flying off,  we come out as better spiders..  Who can spin even more cobwebs in our lifetimes for our fellow cocoon brothers and sisters

Response: #BanChinese media storm

TL;DR (for some busy tweeting perhaps and not actually reading anything):

Opinion is a waistcoat that everyone loves wearing but no one know whats its made off

Context: the social media campaign runnign rampant in India asking people to ban anything chinese

Prologue: Year of christ 1991:

Indian government gave up Governement Raj and threw open the doors of privatisation, Liberalisation and globalisation. Yes, globalisation! -What is that, you may ask? It means open your doors for trade for all  countries with minimal governement Intervention. Let the market run its race and self correct. Let the tug between demand and supply and decide what is best for its consumers

Fast forward to 2016:

Ban chinese. Ban chinese fireworks. But, why stop? BNa chinese phones, utilities, electronics. Well, err! Dont ban made by china.. ban made for china?

I mean, what the mary!!!

For china- why would they sell them to India. If they want to, well would it not be better duality as they are making it for themselves. So they would care. And why do we need to ban chinese product- no no, some of them? Why. Because mad in India is handicapped enough to be able to manufacture you cute little 5.5 candy crush hardware. No, no! Samsung, LG and Moto is good. Not,lenovo. Who ere they acquired by btw? Was it the chinese goverment? Oh, moto!! Or was ti the other esy round? Well, I guess the  lenovo is ok too.

Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Moto then.. and so the consumers go on and on feeding the music that was started on the harp of a targetted media campaign..

My take(No more rumbling, I promise; I TDLRed you remember?) – becausBecause as a democratic citizen of my country, I MUST have an opinion about everything:

As long as chinese manufacturers will produce quality materials fo my consumption, i will and absolutely will buy chinese. They manufacutre better, they provide customer service better. Dont beleieve me about this customer service thing? Well do an experiment. Buy 200 rs stuff from flipkart, and saame from aliexpress. Would will know what I am talking about.. Its humility in speech and after sales service.

To summarise, I will buy Chinese. As long as make in india is not able to manufacture FPGA CHIPS AND ARDUINO BOARDS AND NON CLIMBING CARABINERS AND BICYCLE BLINKERS  as well as chinese. i will not pay 400 rs for a 150 rs chinese product with a sentiment that somewheer down the line, some non chinese Indian guy make an arbitrage trade and pockets those ₹250 and leave me at rs 400 loss as they supplied me makfunctioned device and flipkart/ snapdeal does not mant to do anything about it or holds the seller by his balls for his fraud..

Instead of fealling this #BanChinese campaigns with your time and money, invest that time in a make in India facility that churns out half as decent a product as chinese. (Read FPGA CHIPS, AND BICYCLE BOTTLES AND COMPUTER GPU ARRAYS)


Epilogue: I do find some in the inport business with proper customer service too. Like some of those Mumbai based habby stires, one small shop which sells imported mountaineering gear in his shop near Matunga Station(Mumbai) , some of those mumbai based coffe shops


Epilogue 2: I do think import of chinese cracker be banned for safety concerns deducing logically – the threat they pose to the logistics companies transporting them and the end user. But, to tell you a truth, I dont give a rats ass on fire crackers. I dont use them and hence I have no opinion to provide



Sikkim – Untold stories | Emergence of the last utopia

Wow. A really nice photo story on Sikkim by my friend

Sumit's Photo Blog

What is the first thought that the word ‘Sikkim’ evokes in your mind?
Ethereal hills, meandering rivers, picturesque valleys, the pristine snow capped mountains of the north or the bountiful greenery of the east.. or does your mind wander away to the cobbled streets of Gangtok,the array of nicely decorated shops on the M.G. Marg or a plateful of steaming hot Momos. But Sikkim has a bigger treasure, neatly tucked away, one that not many of us are aware of… it’s beautiful people.
Truly, a trip to Sikkim would be incomplete, without getting to know its amazing people. The moment you step here, you will be surrounded by gleeful faces.
There is no other state in India, where the people live up to the ancient Indian saying of ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ as much as they do it here.
So simple are their ways and so warm are their hearts, that…

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