An Indian Shoe Brand

Just thinking out loud:

A Fully Indian Shoe brand that never compromises on quality would be really cool. (in times of #Shitty Woodlands and #OutragiouslyPriced Nikes and a #BleedyourMoneyOut pair of  Asics running shoes.

Is it that hard to make a quality one? Technically speak? What do you think?

Context: An After Thought of #BanChinese posts


Yahoo acquires :(

Astrid is an online task management tool with presence across platforms ( Web app, Android, iOs). It provides a simple and no frills approach to task tracking, one that I have come to love over the years.

Its sad when nifty tools like Astrid Task / To-do List are acquired by bigger companies like Yahoo.They keep the service running for a few years and then kill it when they will find no proper monetizing solutions out of it. Same happened for Flickr a few years back.. Look at Flickr now.. abandoned and waiting to die 😦

I dont even think Yahoo can run a half decent  user facing product anymore now that it has become rigid ( and large). I certainly hope Astrid is run by the same core team as before with minimal or no interventions from the corporate honcho itself. Wishing good days ahead for Astrid.