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Wow. A really nice photo story on Sikkim by my friend

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What is the first thought that the word ‘Sikkim’ evokes in your mind?
Ethereal hills, meandering rivers, picturesque valleys, the pristine snow capped mountains of the north or the bountiful greenery of the east.. or does your mind wander away to the cobbled streets of Gangtok,the array of nicely decorated shops on the M.G. Marg or a plateful of steaming hot Momos. But Sikkim has a bigger treasure, neatly tucked away, one that not many of us are aware of… it’s beautiful people.
Truly, a trip to Sikkim would be incomplete, without getting to know its amazing people. The moment you step here, you will be surrounded by gleeful faces.
There is no other state in India, where the people live up to the ancient Indian saying of ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ as much as they do it here.
So simple are their ways and so warm are their hearts, that…

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Space is a fallacy, Time a delusion ~unknown

A new blog post series: 100 ways to change the world

Ideas strike all the time. They are like lightning. You never know when and how. It just does not wait for you to be ready. And all of them are definitely not actionable at that moment.

This series is my effort to ink down my ideas , the ones that I think can surely change the world. If you like the them, feel free to use them. Dropping in a line is very welcome. Also, follow the tag #100wtcW because that is what I will be using to post these ideas

Lets start off the thread with #1 today:

The best way to curb smoking is to increase the tax on each stick. Put a 100% tax on tobacco within a fortnight  and see how many people quit! No need to torment movie goers anymore! And Mr. government : Use this surplus income on funding research. Our country needs this badly now. Subsidies create more dependants, Infrastructure creates opportunities


How micromax adamently violates licenses of the linux kernel

Please have some respect for licences, Micromax Mobile. The sources that you are basing all your android product on are GPL licensed. So if you use them ( for commercial purposes), you have to share the source code.

If not for the legal sake, do it to support your developer community and then you can expect  it to support you. You are stealing from open source (linux) community. What impression does it leave with us, developers!

Share , not steal. We dont like patents and we will never be using them as our tool. But, that does not mean that we particularly enjoy someone using our contribution for their own vested interests. On a stricter note, you might someday face a legal notice from one of us, contributers of the open source community, at your doorstep.

Hope , your realise :O

For those who want to read up more, here is a link for you

A horrible experience with

Hey Snapdeal, first you deliver the product insanely late, then you deliver the wrong product! I ordered a zebronics node on 20st may, 2013 and received the shipment on 29th may. On delivery I open up the package all to find out a girly pinkish “eyed” mp3 player staring out at me!!

Is there something in your rulebook as efficiency?

Henceforth, I will only be using Snapdeal if
1. I want a product cheap
2. I have no problems if I dont need the product within a fortnight
3. I have no problem if I dont mind another fortnight of the replacement cycle
And equally shitty is your logistics partner BLUEDART.

Horrible experience 😦

As a sidenote, I ordered some stuff off at the same time, and I received the shipment from them within two days. Guess thats why they have their stuff priced more (often above MRP) than other e-commerce sites.

Bottomline: If I would require good service, I would have to trust Flipkart; but for maintaining my frugality, other sites including you , I guess you always get what you pay for.