We are like silk cocoons tangled in a cob web.  However,  instead of metamorphing to butterflies and flying off,  we come out as better spiders..  Who can spin even more cobwebs in our lifetimes for our fellow cocoon brothers and sisters


My Love – Life and Beyond

When I look into your eyes, I can see the love restrained.
I light up the sky to see your magic.
Running all about, dancing, dangling and then fading into oblivion.

I strike the heart of who come ‘ear me.
Who stand tall when all ’round bow down.
Anger flashes through me
when they heed not your mighty roar.
My anger, never touches you.

You blow your horns through the fields, the trees, the mountains alike.
while as if you cuddle me in your arms (or so I like to think).
I run ahead, fall behind
but never fail on my promise
to ride by your side.

They say I am angry.
I say, so I am –
because thats what  I have done all my life.
Thats what I am, I do.
Fast to the hell fire and faster to slip it through.

When I look into your eyes, I can feel your love restrained.
Take me with you,
O mighty storm
and  me, I light up the sky for you.