A face in the crowd

A face in the crowd

The smiling faces of morrow,
Rolls of laughter sweeping ‘cross the room:
Among the men of jubilient folks
sat a twisted gloom.

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Rise a Knight

This poetry writing is becoming one of my favourite passtimes. And today, something odd happened: The first thing I thought after getting up in the morning was that “one more poetry is going to come out today”..  No ideas nor topic.  Just a simple thought. And incredibly enough, Hours later in the evening, this idea popped inside my head. Do have a read and let me know your thoughts on this 🙂

Here is the poem for you. Its called Rise a Knight.

Draw your sword and hold your breath,
Theres a long fight up ahead
Let the fear flood in and drench your blood red
You need it till the last drops in the fight up ahead.

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Poetry unleashed

This is my first attempt at poem writing. so, bear with me.. I will leave this untitled for now. Be sure to suggest if you have one in mind:

Come to me, embrace me, cause I am your future

The spirit , the flame that sees you through,

Join my hands to reach the stars,

leave me and I come haunting you.


Destiny , is calling you

From the abyss of the oceans to the heights (of the clouds),

Love me or fight me ,

The choice is yours – a choice you make,  not deny.

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